Anup Sastry – Titan



The album starts off with the build up of ambient and electronic sounds, which then implodes into the heavy programmed guitar riffs and hard hitting drum beats. 

The continuation of heavy grooves, melodicity and out of the box guitar riffs throughout this album keeps my ears satisfied and intrigued.

Another amazing solo album by Anup Sastry hope to see more in the future.

Side Notes

Anup Sastry is currently involved in a heap of projects and he currently plays full time for Intervals and SkyHarbor.

Anup Sastry TitanTrack List

  1. Titan 06:23
  2. Perspective 04:49
  3. Dreamer 05:08
  4. Pariah (feat. Nicholas Llerandi) 06:59

This album is available for free on BandCamp, but if you can try to make a small contribution.


Released 02 September 2014

Artwork by Jordan Salmon.
Guest vocals on Dreamer by Lukas Guyader and Stephanie Pickard.
Guest solo on Pariah by Nicholas Llerandi.


Guitarist, Gamer & Wizard

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