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Being a long time fan of reflections, it is amazing to see how these guys have progressed from their YouTube  guitar instrumentals/demos to the complete band and albums we are now presented with.

The album kicks off with the track "Exit", which leads you to believe that it is merely an ambient instrumental piece until it transposes into the heavy riffing, surprisingly pleasant sliding effects and deep vocals.This same feel continues on to the next track "Delirium", which then ends with some technical and huge breakdowns. The next track "Vain Words From Empty Minds" starts heavy and technical, but then it jumps into energetic groove, which makes you just want to get up and do something! After the hype the song takes another turn and take you onto a melodic journey containing beautiful chords ringing out, semi clean vocals, a stylish solo and then ends of the best way a song can, heavy. Now time to show off their chops, the next two songs "Bridges" and "Cancer" contain all the galloping, breakdowns and solo's need to keep you listening. Another slight change is made on the track "pages" which starts off slower with a bit of a metalcore feel. It gets slightly heavier, then the song slows down with some clean guitar work, jazzy drumming and female vocals, before they get back to their roots at the end of the song. The next song  Candle, which is  one of my preferences on this album has some immense grooves and the chorus section is exceedingly catchy. "House" has an alluring intro, with the melodic guitar tapping segment and slowly progresses into a heavy, moderately paced song with some intwined tasty licks. It then reverts back to an ambient state and ends off with some great licks and a brief awe-inspiring solo. The second last song raises the tempo, with more of an upbeat riffing style and "Djent" orientated breakdowns and licks. The song proceeds with a more of an ambient feel with another great solo and concludes with a clean acoustic melody. We get to the final song and it ends with a bang. They keep it sounding massive,  with some snappy grooves, dense vocals and  then slowly concludes with an ambient electronic outro.

Reflections definitely have their own distinct sound emerging with them as they continue to grow as a band.



Track List

1) Exit
2) Delirium
3) Vain Words From Empty Minds
5) My Cancer
6) Lost Pages (Ft Becka Graham)
7) Candle
8) This House
9) Stories Through Storms
10) Exist

Lyrics for the whole album:






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