BETRAYING THE MARTYRS – The Great Disillusion – Play Through

Guitar and bass play through by Betraying the Martyrs for the track “The Great Disillusion”.

Val uses:
Skervesen Bronto Custom “Zirael” 37/35 5 strings
Lace Aluma Bass bars pickups
Darkglass B7K pedal
Orange Terror Bass 500 Head
Payson Fanned Fret Strings .130 .45
Gruvgear Fretwraps

Baptiste uses:
Schecter SLS Blackjack 7strings LH
Orange cab ppc4x12
Engl Fireball
Fractal Audio Axe FX II
Ernie ball strings 62-11
Gruvgear Fretwraps



Guitarist, Gamer & Wizard

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