ONI – Eternal Recurrence – Music Video

The debut video for “Eternal Recurrence” from Cayman Islands based progressive metal band ONI!

Lyrics –

Faces carved in stone
A likeness to who we are and what we know.

Hidden truth in foreign lines
The darkest realms internalize

Woah I’m lost
I leave it all to die
I’m crossing the boarder to a new time
Where will you go from here when i’m gone?
The philosophy we aim for,
Is not commonly found behind closed doors.

We live our lives
in every moment expecting
Infinite regression in repeat
Never yield to remorse
These words will set me free

Search the earth
Distant lands
Rebuild this world with your hands
Exhale as if it’s your last
Guide your life you’re living too damn fast
A future canvas
Meant to last
Use your gaze to set your path
Batter your hands against the cold hard stone
Cut out a vision, a vision of your own

Will you live this life as you have lived
You will have to endure infinite times more
Every pain every joy will return to you
Eternal hourglass of existence
We turn it upside down
Repeat the sounds
Throw yourself down
and curse the demon who spoke
he said “you are a god”
these words have set me free



Guitarist, Gamer & Wizard

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